The Parish

The Holy Trinity Lutheran Parish in Lublin was founded in 1784 with the approval of king Stanisław August Poniatowski. However, its beginings date back to 1650 when Lutherans had been forced to move their congregation outside of Lublin to a nearby village Piaski Wielkie, which with time began to be called Piaski Luterskie. In the 19th century the Parish evolved and grew in size, mainly due to the presence of the German minority in the region. After the World War II the congregation shrinked considerably and as a consequence the Parish was annexed to the Parishes in Radom and Kielce. It only regained its autonomy after the nomination of pastor Roman Pracki for the position of the Parish Vikar in 1996. In 2004 Dariusz Chwastek became the Parish Pastor, the first one to have been elected by the parishioners for 118 years.

At present the Parish covers the whole territory of Lublin voievoidship which is equivalent to the territories of three pre-war parishes: in Lublin, Cyców and Kamień/Chełm. With its almost 200 parishioners, it is ranked the fourth biggest congregation in the Warsaw Diocese and the biggest congregation in the eastern part of Poland. The Parish is run by the Parish Pastor and the Parish Council whose members are elected every 5 years. The Holy Trinity Lutheran Parish in Lublin is affiliated with the congregation in Kuzawka upon Bug based in the house of Mr and Mrs Zelent. The house is also an eco-lodge and is open for holiday makers. Sunday services are held once a month.

Our address:
I Armii Wojska Polskiego 10
20-078 Lublin
phone: +48 (81) 44 210 50